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A Race to Change the World

Welcome to the Future of Fuel Development

Our project is about a “Race to Change the World” To encourage and empower our global audience to speed up the changes necessary to reduce our impact on the climate. Our team is dedicated to our environmental work and recognise there’s an urgent need to do something as part of to a rapidly changing world. This is a project where If we all make small changes, we make a BIG difference. Demonstrating how if everyone can pull together, individually making important small changes- collectively we can make a noticeable difference

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

We all want to live in a world with no illness, poverty or pollution. I hope that one day we will get there, but not on our current path. Our dependency on oil and failure to embrace bold scientific developments means we will do considerable environmental damage that future generations will pay for.

There is a different path.

We have put together a consortium of like-minded scientist and engineers who are striving for Eutopia and have created a revolutionary fuel that gets us a lot closer to the environmental goals the planet desperately needs.

Our systems use the sun, the sea and advanced fuels to create a cleaner fuel, that will ensure the maritime sector can reach the ambitious IMO 2030 and 2050 goals, and what’s more is even saves money.

This is why our company motto is: Solving tomorrow’s problems today.

It really is exciting times.

Alistair Thompson, Chairman.

Advanced Fuels Development Limited

Address: The Court | The Street |Charmouth | England | DT6 6PE
Tel: +447970162225

Company Number: 14540171

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